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In the deep jungle, there’s a hidden treasure! One not made out of gold, but a safe haven for dancers to express themselves freely and share their joy of life with each other! Hidden for many centuries, this ancient mythological place is now been discovered again, and brought back to urbanity. This secret kingdom is called Iziki! An ode to “Isigqi” – the rhythm! The first sacred original percussive beat! In the nation of Iziki everyone can be themselves. The people of Iziki are free. They accept each other despite our superficial differences. They are open and positive, and perform their rituals, in honor of the first original percussive beat. This vibrant colourful community is now brought back to life in the open, by a small mixed group of people from every corner of the world. Their aim is to spread Ziziki’s gospel of acceptance on a global scale, starting locally and then growing outwards. Tribal events celebrating creativity and inspiration will occur in various places all around the globe, starting with Copenhagen, New York, Malmø, Berlin, Santiago, Johannesburg … and wherever there’s enthusiasm for welcoming the beating of the tribal drum.

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