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The word Kune means ‘Together’ in Esperanto (the language invented by L.L. Zamenhof in 1887 that was supposed to serve as a way of uniting people around the world by transcending nationality and language barriers) and it stands for how it all started: a team of seemingly different people, culturally and ideologically, coming together, united around music, with the intention of creating a space for others to explore and experience, a space which would add value to people’s lives through its vision. Ever since the first Kune event, we’ve put great emphasis on personal and heartfelt experiences in our pursuit for intimacy within the local music scene. Our approach eventually fused into the backbone that defines our identity, as we strive to convey our ideal in all of our events. ◘ Alin ◘ Anders ◘ Gunnar ◘ Martin ◘ Matei ◘ Ricq ◘ Bookings: contact [at] kunekbh [dot] com

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