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SIGN HERE to help defend Berlin’s club scene.


When house and techno is in your blood, there is a good chance that you love Berlin. At CPH DEEP we have taken much inspiration from the capital of clubs. Berlin is a crazy, hedonistic free space with an exceptional club culture. A culture that has made us smile, talk and dance as the step counter explodes and seasons change outside the window. A culture where love and unity melts with music and creates something absolutely unique. Unfortunately, this crazy culture we all know and love, is under massive pressure at the moment.


The beautiful second coming of Weimar is seeing hard time. Clubs are being met with steep rent increases, ridiculous decibel demands and the risk of losing their license to operate after 9 pm. The creative spaces are slowly but surely disappearing. As we speak, hedge funds and other rich players on the Berlin real estate market are circling the roof of your favorite club like vultures.


For more information on this subject, Christina Brause and Tina Kaiser’s article from January paints a depressingly good picture.


Support Holzmarkt 25


Do you love Berlin with a bleeding techno heart? Do you feel that the club scene is worth preserving? Then you should support Holzmark 25 with you signature. They need as much support from around the world as possible, to make their voice heard.


Here are just some of the prominent artists and entities, who are coming together with Holzmarkt 25 to fight the sterilisation of Berlin’s creativity:
Acid Pauli, Garbicz Festival, Kotelett & Zadak, Kulturkosmos, Mensch Meier, Mimi Love, Pauli Pocket, Poker Flat Recordings, Renate, Ritter Butzke, Sisyphos, Tresor, etc.



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