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We know what you want. We know what you need. We know your dirty desires. But this is not where you find GoT fan fiction with even more pillow-biting and hours of Sir Podrick magic cock. But we did get DJAKES to provide you with a DEEP recommendation. He is the host of Techno Thursdays @ Ved Siden Af and has be spreading his eclectic sound of deep house, techno and all else in between over Denmark and Sweden. Now it’s our turn.


What have you picked for us, DJAKES?


– I’ve chosen to recommend BOg’s remix of LKF Project – Tongue Tied. I picked this track due to it’s progressive melody and the beautiful vocal. I remember scouting Instagram for new music (great tool, for those who don’t know) and I came across Danish/Croatian Denis Horvat’s story. He was at an after party where this track was played and all it said were ‘LKF Project’.  I immediately fell in love with the track – I just couldn’t find it, as it was unreleased. But now I finally got it.


It has this slow build, with an insane progressive melody, really takes me to another place. The vocal lifts the track to a higher level, and finally the second drop comes with a quick drum fill. The whole song finally emerges to it’s fullest. Powerful track.



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