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It can be a jungle to find exactly the right thing to listen to. That is why we have one of our lovely DJ colleagues pick one of their current favorite for us. This time around we are looking forward to see what Aja Gulris has picked out. The debut album from Amsterdam producer Colyn, it turns out.


Why have you picked just this album for us?

– I’ve chosen Colyn’s debut album Binary Choices as my recommendation. It came out on Tentacles Recordings July last year and I’ve loved it ever since. The whole album has a dark and hypnotizing, melodic sound, while still remaining powerful and energetic. I especially love Spheric Anomalies, which has become one of my all time favourites and is a killer on the floor.


Listen to a taster of Binary Choices below. The full album is on Spotify.



You can look forward to an interview with Aja Gulris and one of her collective partners from Peccāvī, CERJ right here on the blog this spring.

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