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With the endless options provided to us online it is impossible to be updated on all the great music out there. That is why we had Johnni Løvkvist aka. Lowquest recommend us his current gold for us. You might know Johnni from Bongo & Pusk, Natmaskinen and as a producer for Byrd. Let’s see what Lowquest has picked for us.


What golden music have you picked for us?

My pick for you guys is the Ceremony EP by Mytron & Ofofo because their psychedelic kraut-funk is a lovely disruption in a sometimes self-important industry. If Woodstock was to happen tomorrow, I think it would sound something like this. The mixture of lazy funk, silly world music and German 80’s synth gives the EP an incredible groove and I find it hard not to smile when listening to it. Is’s the kind of music when you can just let go and dance like a big child. So to honor the coming of spring put on Ceremony, let out your inner idiot and enjoy the sun.



Enjoy the recommendation and look forward to us following Bongo & Pusk, when they take on Golden Gate and Sisyphos in Berlin.

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