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Meet Rasmus Juul – producer, DJ and label-head at GARTENHAUS. Since 2011 an independent label that believes in growing strong as a community by cooperation and inspiring each other. We could not agree more, so we had the head gardener recommend one of his current favorites.


Rasmus, what do you have for us?

– My pick is a track I received a month ago as a promo. I’ve been listening insanely much to this wonderful piece of music. The track is from Swedish legend Axel Boman called “Surfliner” out on DGTL Records.


Already from the beginning when you press play you can feel the atmosphere. The arpeggiated chords that fly around almost sounding like birds on a sunny morning after a good night out. The building of this track is so beautiful – it just keeps on adding more and more layers. It’s just super emotional and thrilling. Almost like a trip through melodic heaven. I’m sure this track will be played a lot all over the world this summer. And the best thing about this track is, for a DJ, that it works for both warm-up and closing sets.



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