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At CPH DEEP we strive to spread the love of electronic music and provide you with great earporn. In this section you will find our weekly recommendation for your speakers.


For our first edition we had our own Azpecialguest recommend the tunes that are not to be missed. He went with “The Strange” an EP by T Raum & Johan Mila.


Why have you chosen “The Strange” for this weeks recommendation?


– Even though it is a 2019 release I have played all the tracks on the EP a lot already. I just get instant love from the dance floor. There a four awesome tracks on the EP and they will be part of my selection for some time to come, says Azpecialguest.



If you wanna hear Azpecialguest live you can catch him at Südpol in Hamburg on the 24. of March.

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