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IG60 is back with a bang


Saturday the 4th of August we’ll once again invite you to be part of the love cave, but on this night the party will be somewhere else then our regular basement under the meatpacking district – venue is KPH Volume, Enghavevej 80

We will costomized a venue for all IG60 Lovers and fly in top nothch DJ’s for yet another IG60 Getaway

We’ll announce the venue on the date so keep an eye out on this event and CPH DEEP’s Facebook page

Whether you heard of IG60 or not, this love cave is best described as our little hedonistic free space in the heart of the city, and we invite you to participate in the special atmosphere.


Why isn’t there a lineup?
We believe in creating a unique package of quality electronic music, wicked surroundings with elements of surprice, and we want to create a community of likeminded playful people who appreciate and contribute to the party and never quite know what’s in store on a given night.


We accept creditcards and mobilepay, but cash is King 🎈

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