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As 2019 draws to a close, we have reached number eleven in our series of unnamed sessions and daaamn we have something nice lined up for you. The infamous Brina Knauss has put 60 powerful minutes of melodic goodness together for us. Brina’s set can be found in the bottom, but first let’s get to know her a little better.


To say that there are many facets to the life of 34 year old Slovenien star DJ, Brina Knauss would be an understatement of biblical proportions. Besides her impressive house and techno credentials she also sings, plays the piano, is a former basketball national team player and runway model in Milan. She even made it to the top ten in the Slovenia’s version of Popstars.


– I started playing the piano and getting singing lessons already at 7 years old, so music has always be a big part of my life. I never did imagine that I would get to travel the world and play my music next to some of the most fantastic artists. I am living an amazing dream and I can only be forever grateful, says Brina.


Cover girl, put the bass in your walk


As Brina is telling about her road to house music that took form in the childhood with singing and piano lessons. Continues over a serious accomplishment in sports and goes towards a top position in Popstars. Given her a taste of being a pop star and going off to model in Milan. Well, as I am hearing all of this I get the impression of a dedicated and extremely hard working person, who can set her mind to something and then, to quote the slave owners at Nike, just do it.


But to return to the story; after sissying that walk on the runway in Milan for three years, Brina felt like there was something missing.


– I loved my years of modeling in Milan, but it felt like I was missing something in my life. At this point I think I was listening to music 12 hours a day and just getting my mind deeper into sound. I wanted to get back into music one way or another. I am also lucky enough to have an amazing boyfriend, who have been the best support in all of this. At first, I was getting behind the DJ booth at the after parties in the clubs. Here and at home too, I got my training and after a year or so I was offered a residency at Club Haus 80’s Milano. Since then there has been a lot of traveling and studio time, tells Brina.


Traveling to play gigs alongside Solomun, Carl Cox, Keinemusik, Luciano, Black Coffee and Damian Lazarus is not a rare event for Brina. The last mentioned has become a great colleague and friend after he saw Brina play a gig in Ibiza.


– I think it was at a Storytellers event where I had just finished my set. I’m still on a mental high from playing as Damian comes over and just casually starts chatting. He was just super nice and he must have like my set, because since then we have shared studio and DJ booth many times, says Brina.


And studio time there will be plenty of in the beginning of 2020 for Brina Knauss. In her playgarden of sound she finds zen and you can expect some EP realness in the nearby future. Even closer in the future Brina will have her debut at legendary printworks in London Winter Tomorrowland in the Alps.


It’s about the music


Being on the house scene since 2014, Brina Knauss has learned a thing or two. Crowds are freaking amazing in Belgium and Poland, the most important thing in your career is the next gig and hard work is the key.


– With a background in modeling, I can sometimes feel that I have to work extra hard to prove myself in a male dominated scene. I have always said fuck those who judge me and just keep grinding. You only get what you want if you work hard, says Brina and continues:


– I hope that I have given back as many good experiences as the clubs, festivals and dancers have given me. I always try to tell a story and give people a red thread to dance to when I play. The most important thing for a DJ is to bring the vibe and maybe even enhance it. I love that DJing isn’t about me – it’s about the music and the stories we can tell in our sets, says Brina.


Widen your horisont


One of my favorite questions when talking to DJs is, who on the house scene they think are deeply underrated. It is both a good way for me to easily find new artists for my Soundcloud, but also learn how a DJ views the scene. Brina’s answer made it tickle in all the right places.


– Who I think is underrated? Well, how much time do you have? I can’t even begin to name the amount of talented producers who deserves more attention. I think it is super important that when you have established yourself, you make sure to share your spotlight with upcoming talents. There is an insane mass of truly talented artists and I can only encourage people to go and see some of the lesser known acts. Widen your horizons of DJs, people! You will find so many great tracks and sets, says Brina right before we break up the WhatsApp connection.


I can only agree that everybody should listens to new DJs every week, but for now I need you to do me a favor. Listen to the amazing Brina Knauss break down one amazing set for us.






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