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Blindfold Recordings has kicked off 2020 with the return of their Night Vision compilation series. Now in the third edition, the Night Vision is here to capture upcoming and established artists alike – shining light on the talent that is hiding in plain sight.


Munich’s own master of the melodic, Yubik opens up the album with ‘Haunted Mirror’, a deep, dark and moody production that sets the tone for the Blindfold Recordings family. Ivory brings the rolling hats and echoing melodies with ‘Montauk’ before label co-owners Baime kicks the energy into even higher gear with ‘Helion’. The always surprising Arude offers up a trippy progressive cut with ‘Illusion’ driven by pulsing bass and warped chopped vocals.


The second half of Blindfold Recordings, Pete Oak is next in line with ‘Lokye’. A mesmerizing piece that rolls throughout with rich vocals provided by the main man himself. ‘Vultora’ by Bremen’s Luegoh is the penultimate offering, featuring rattling percussion and darting lead lines – a real smasher for the dance floor. Also the perfect build to ’Samhain’ by Innacircle, who once again lowers the tone with warehouse worthy drums and eerie top lines. A track that caused quite the rumble when debuted at the 2019 Fusion Festival.


Pete Oak, the infamous co-owner of Blindfold Recordings had this to say about the latest release from his up-and-coming label


“Over the past three years, we have released the Night Vision compilation. The most important thing for us is to showcase and celebrate the diversity of club music. The music we select for Night Vision III comes from both established, as well as newcomers to the scene. We are very proud of this year’s compilation as the quality is absolutely top-shelf. We are already gathering tracks for the next Night Vision and look forward to receive demos from new talent and established producers. 2020 is already looking very promising for Blindfold Recordings. We have some strong EP releases, great remixes, new artwork coming. We even have merchandise, if you wanna support us even more. Can’t wait”.


You can buy the Night Vision III EP in this link and listen below:



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