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First and foremost, let’s face facts. Distortion is a metric shit-ton of incredible music and experiences. This means that it’s likely you will miss more exceptional artists, than you’ll get to see. So first rule of Distortion is to put your FOMO in the trashcan where it belongs.


All done? Goodie!


From Wednesday until Sunday the kick drum will call us to gather. The groovy, hard, melodic and always soothing house music will once again unite the raving brothers and sisters in the many forms they come. There will be too much good music and vibes to take it all in, but we are looking forward to seeing dancer all over Copenhagen. Here is where we just might go move our feet and spoil our ears.




Feeling Emotive


Let’s start off with a treat of a street party. The label head at Emotive Sounds, Copenhagen based Andrea Martini is bringing his feeling of house music to the infamous parking lot at Stengade. Already now it sounds like a decent party but the headline is topped off with Danish wonder producer Christian Nielsen. Christian is one of those DJs that they love more abroad then we do here at home. Hopefully a free concert at Distortion will help spread the word of one of our most underestimated export goods. The lineup is completed with Remodel and Without K.


Get to know Christian’s sound a little better, with the lovely mix he did for CPH DEEP a short while back.



Where: Baggesensgade 36
When: 4 pm – 10 pm


Yellow X COMA + after party


Kenneth Bager and Coma Club technically don’t need an introduction. They have been hosting some of the most creative and grandiose parties in Copenhagen for the past 30 years. Today there is no dress code, but the music is the same high standard as always. The big man himself Kenneth Bager will be behind the decks alongside DJ Divo. Also on this lineup you can find our very own Baime boys who are ready to make you move and groove. If you don’t believe me, check out their latest EP below. Same Baime + a buffet of electronic treats will also be playing the after party at Delores.



Where: Kapelvej
When: 4 pm – 10 pm


Liminal Spaces


Liminal Spaces is a newcomer to the program. They have managed to put together something quite special for their first feature on the Distortion Club bracket. They will merge sound with art and create a space where the artist is brought closer to the dancer. The sound will be provided by the Innervisions label. Label boss Âme will be giving a live performance and the lineup is completed by Marcus Worgull and Matthew Dekay. Matthew will be warming up and he could make the opening of the party sound a little something like this:



Where: Pumpehuset (Studiestræde 52)
When: 11 pm – 6 am




Culture Box


This is just one of those parties where I could chain myself to the DJ booth and stay for the full eight hours of a high class, almost completely Copenhagen based lineup. The international superstars Denis Horvat and ANËK are rightly to be considered massive booking for a free party, but the rest of the DJs is absolutely no joke either. Culture Box – you are an institution and thanks for an intense local lineup. Tim Andresen, Nilu, Henri Matisse, Aja Gulris and SHAQ will be ready to throw melodic cow bells and dirty basslines at you all evening. Grab a taste of the last two from when they graced our studio with a live session.



Where: Ingerslevsgade 22
When: 4 pm – 12 am


Banana club


Let’s assume that you have not heard this name before. I will tell you one thing that should be enough to spark your interest. These guys know how to throw a f****** party. On top this will be a label night for their own brand of music Rogue Circuit. I would assume this is a perfect place to let it all out and just dance like there is no tomorrow – just as long as you remember that there most certainly is.


Where: Dybbølsgade 63
When: 4 pm – 10 pm


Galactic Fjord Night part 3


Distortion Club is bringing some pretty hot and solid name to the bracket. This one is just in a league of it’s own and a personal favorite of mine. The always smiling and friendly Norwegian sound superman Skatebård will be your lifeguard at the Fjord and make sure that everybody gets a dip. AntiChristiansen, Marc Helt and Andi Müller (live), will make sure that Skatebård isn’t rolling alone.



Where: Ved Siden Af (Vesterbrogade 2)
When: 11.59 pm – 8 am




Complete running order Distortion Ø


As you might have guessed this will be recommendations mainly from the Rave and Disco stages of Distortion Ø. It’s just the kind of music the makes our sphincters tickle and step counter explode. Below you have a taster of sets from the acts we would love to sink our teeth into.


Ben Böhmer – Rave stage @ 11.30 pm



DJ Tennis – Rave stage @ 12 am



Hunee – Disco stage @ 12 am



Kollektiv Turmstrasse – Rave stage @ 2 am



Max Abysmal – Disco stage @ 8 pm



Ziggy Phunk – Disco stage @ 4 pm





“Hallo? Satan are you there? Give me strength to get into an upright position! Could I also have a gigantic shot of serotonin? Please! No, problem, you say? You will even grant me energy too? Only for the price of my first born? Sold!”

I’m just guessing how my and perhaps other peoples Saturday morning and afternoon just might go down. I know I’ll need energy for the intense selection of DJs and live acts that are to come for 12 hours as Saturday turns into Sunday. Below you will find an alphabetically arranged list of goodies that will make your mom say: Is that suppose to be music now?


Adana Twins – Rave stage @ 3 am



Dekmantel Soundsystem – Disco stage @ 11 pm



Denis Horvat – Rave stage @ 9.30 pm



KiNK (Live) – Rave stage @ 1.30 am



Madmotormiquel – Rave Stage @ 11.30 pm



Simon Littauer – Live stage @ 8.45 pm





For those who did not get enough music from 6 pm to 6 am, here is your chance to chill out and get the last of Distortion out of your system. The location of the Sunday hygge gathering is yet to be released, but keep you eyes and ears open at 6 am when you are forced to leave the festival ground. I am sure that you will find the after party of your dreams.




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